How Amazon's Super-Complex Shipping System Works

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive and Amazon
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  • Cec
    Cec7 minutter siden

    watch Jd Farag latest video -Big Tech - David and Goliath - it only take ONE SMALL CLICK from you to END their power over you!!! they dig a hole for themselves!!! - long overdue that they have monopoly over our lives - BUT just how awesome is it that such giants will be destroyed by such a small move from us all! Halleluja - just love it!

  • Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack
    Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack18 minutter siden

    A highly complex, technological marvel of logistics and ingenuity. That culminates in your package being chucked over someone else's garden fence In the pooring rain!

  • CS Anton
    CS Anton38 minutter siden

    An extra day makes a lot of difference i guess, but the optimal delivery day depends on each city / state. While Amazon can do as much as this, they need to be involved in Road / Transport Infrastructure development just to increase the coverage of each area with the same set of time. Time will tell o how can Amazon optimize delivery from the Hub and spoke standpoint

  • Jeremy Crawford
    Jeremy Crawford2 timer siden

    Let me order something..

  • Tim Roddy
    Tim Roddy3 timer siden


  • Justin Carlson
    Justin Carlson3 timer siden

    Fulfilled by Amazon can be mailed by any postal service.

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones3 timer siden

    I worked at one of the companies Amazon contracted for sorting and sending it from the airport to the different distribution centers. I worked in Sac Airport and my girlfriend worked at SMF5 which meant some of the packages were possibly handled by us both its crazy

  • Josh
    Josh3 timer siden

    As a Canadian you confused me with ontario in cali lol

  • Perninni P
    Perninni P5 timer siden

    I love logistics. I also love AMZN.

  • Tim
    Tim5 timer siden

    Everyone: Amazon Wendover: Aim-a-zon

  • Max Kimmings
    Max Kimmings7 timer siden

    in the uk they focus on 1 or sometimes same day delivery in the UK because is so small

  • - dwasilco412 -
    - dwasilco412 -8 timer siden

    I used to work and deliver for Amazon. I will say, whoever came up with their delivery system is a genius.

  • Prateek Vasisht
    Prateek Vasisht11 timer siden

    Wow. One of the best videos I've ever seen on NOlocal. Very well done.

  • TheOrenbarak
    TheOrenbarak11 timer siden

    Milo Minderbender did this earlier!

  • Pino Renzi
    Pino Renzi12 timer siden

    Thanks for the video

  • David S
    David S13 timer siden

    my head hurts

  • James P
    James P14 timer siden

    Why do millennials append an "s" to the word "anyway?" Anyways? I wonder if it's somehow related to old people LEAVING THEIR CAPS LOCK ON. Things to ponder.

  • Jord Goat
    Jord Goat14 timer siden

    Why would there be a police escort for ups?

  • Jötunn
    Jötunn15 timer siden

    The KIVA bots were invented by two guys from my hometown, they had a chat with my HS engineering class about it.

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon16 timer siden

    "How does Amazon get a package to you?" everybody: planes.

  • Frosty Phoenix
    Frosty Phoenix16 timer siden

    14:39 automatically in my head it played "My eyes are gettin' weary, ,my back is gettin' tight"

  • Frequently Cynical
    Frequently Cynical17 timer siden

    Love Amazon or hate it, no one can deny that the systems they have engineered and put in place is astounding. Think management, figuring out where to put the different types of centers, the real estate acquisitions, the engineering, the robots. My mind is boggled.

  • aleksander Okonek
    aleksander Okonek18 timer siden

    The unarmed politician gratifyingly program because snowman shortly drum lest a uncovered pear. luxuriant, annoying motorboat

  • Universe Explorer
    Universe Explorer18 timer siden


  • Boba Ch. 稲荷ボバ
    Boba Ch. 稲荷ボバ18 timer siden

    Ah yes, Twice as Interesting

  • senni bgon

    senni bgon

    16 timer siden

    "How does Amazon get a package to you?" everybody: planes.

  • Adam Ziel
    Adam Ziel18 timer siden

    Live in Aurora and now know what that big Amazon building is. Also explains how I got my table saw so quickly.

  • Chris Philhower
    Chris Philhower18 timer siden

    I worked for Amazon. 3 Buildings. 1 was a Prime. The 2nd was a Sorting Center. Basically a Mail Sort Room. 3rd was a Large Sort building. Saw signs at the Prime for 500 Pick Rates. Stock was 300 when I was there. Single Pack was 90 units per hour. Basically one every 45 seconds. That included Assembling the boxes. Large Sort building I worked at was 75 Pack Rate per hour. Both also include Reloading Packing Supplies at the stations. Sorting was 200 units sorted per hour. Involved walking around with a hand scanner. Scanning and stacking on proper pallets.

  • Sopel Arias
    Sopel Arias19 timer siden

    New subscriber..

  • Sopel Arias
    Sopel Arias19 timer siden

    New subscriber....

  • Mancal
    Mancal19 timer siden

    Amazon has pretty bad packaging.

  • James B.
    James B.20 timer siden

    “Cincinnati” airport that is in Hebron Kentucky...

  • blobturtle bing
    blobturtle bing21 time siden


  • Ed Wright
    Ed Wright22 timer siden


  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay22 timer siden

    Leipzig makes sense for Amazon as it is a big DHL hub just like Cincinnati.

  • Collin Kenny
    Collin Kenny22 timer siden

    I’m one of those Target employees who picks, packs, and ships lol.

  • Floklo187
    Floklo18723 timer siden

    I’m a Canadian living in a small town. I ordered a package on Boxing Day (Dec 26) with a free trial of “Prime”. I still haven’t got it yet.

  • Ricky Applegate
    Ricky ApplegateDag siden

    I order thousands of amazon packages a year and I’ve never had a package delivered by an Amazon van. Never even seen one.

  • Muzzle Flash
    Muzzle FlashDag siden

    I thought this video was about how Amazon wiped out all the competition.

  • gilbert gonzalez
    gilbert gonzalezDag siden

    Amazon are Scum Demcorat;;; crooks and con men. Cancel your stuff and go shopping else where.

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsvDag siden

    I work at one of their fulfillment warehouses and the amount of product that goes out and in during a day is absolutely staggering.

  • Michael [APFX]
    Michael [APFX]Dag siden

    hE sPeLt fUlLfLeD wRoNg 1:23

  • Navtej Singh
    Navtej SinghDag siden

    imagine doing all that just for the customer to cancel the order

  • I
    IDag siden

    These e-commerce are unanimously kidder garden level compared to Chinese ones. No wonder China is making US so butt hurt place nowadays.

  • zuygj bnsv

    zuygj bnsv

    Dag siden

    Fulflled by Amazon. Fulflled by Third Party.

  • Anthony O'Malley
    Anthony O'MalleyDag siden

    At 1:20 fulfilled is missing an i

  • Alex Bruno
    Alex BrunoDag siden

    Want Amazon to go out of business? Order one large non-sortable to a rural area once a day, every day for a year.

  • William
    WilliamDag siden

    Full circle for me, I worked in an Amazon fulfillment center in 2017 and I worked for UPS, loading aircraft, with Amazon being a very big portion of our customers. Amazon offers pretty decent jobs.

  • Taurus
    TaurusDag siden

    It seems Amazon is constantly building, iterating and then rebuilding their processes for the sole goal of best efficiency and by extension, customer experience. As every company should.

  • Johannes Wikström
    Johannes WikströmDag siden

    Anybody else notice the typo at 01:23 ? "Fullfilled by Amazon" is spelled "Fullflld" But very informative video Wendover! Thanks for making it ^^

  • ioplup
    ioplupDag siden

    I did not realise you Americans do not get next day delivery from Amazon. In the UK, delivery is rapid! Order at 5pm one evening, comes the next morning!

  • Mohd Rashid Siddiqui
    Mohd Rashid SiddiquiDag siden

    Phew 😅

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeebDag siden

    Its always insane to me how huge america is. I am from germany, I could literally drive everywere in half a day.

  • Leonaяdo DiCapяio
    Leonaяdo DiCapяioDag siden

    Почта России: быстрая доставка для слабаков

  • l1mbo
    l1mboDag siden

    How am I supposed to refund my orders after knowing this

  • Alternate Science
    Alternate ScienceDag siden

    Imagine a day when we order an A380 on Amazon.

  • vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeeb

    Dag siden

    They missed the bit where they throw it in the back of a van and then jump up and down on it.. you know its true.

  • LongaVita
    LongaVitaDag siden

    You can see exactly where he copy-pasted the same typo... xD

  • Brandon McMahan
    Brandon McMahanDag siden

    Thanks for the cheery ending on this one haha

  • Steven Tyler
    Steven TylerDag siden

    gets boring

  • Mr5kv
    Mr5kvDag siden

    Fulflled by Amazon. Fulflled by Third Party.

  • Андрей Пушкарь
    Андрей ПушкарьDag siden

  • ali renfro
    ali renfroDag siden

    I ordered my last Amazon order- a Trump flag 🤣 I won’t be doing business with them anymore.

  • Ivan
    IvanDag siden

    please stop saying "you see" so much. Get a better writer.

  • Aron Septianto
    Aron SeptiantoDag siden

    having one day delivery is nice and all but what kind of item are you buying that you need a one day delivery one week delivery sounds reasonable, but one day?

  • Jan Myler
    Jan MylerDag siden

    Absolutely love the care, depth and amount of research you and your team put into your videos. Thank you!

  • MrStoney
    MrStoneyDag siden

    There are some incorrect and outdated processes highlighted in this video, but overall I found this interesting, great video!

  • Caged
    CagedDag siden

    Keep in mind Amazon's delivery system isn't their main business. Their web services is much bigger and more profitable. All this from an online bookstore.

  • Harry Williamson
    Harry WilliamsonDag siden

    In the UK they do same day delivery

  • humandxp
    humandxpDag siden

    you are part of the problem, time to end amazon slave camps, filth that doesnt pay taxes, exploits people and causes huge polution to earth. simply amazon

  • Peter Smythe
    Peter SmytheDag siden

    Amazon: capitalism deciding to prove that a planned economy can work.

  • Cheeky Percy

    Cheeky Percy

    Dag siden

    Peoples Republic of Walmart is a good book on that topic.

  • splifsend
    splifsendDag siden

    They missed the bit where they throw it in the back of a van and then jump up and down on it.. you know its true.

  • Hatchit
    HatchitDag siden

    Soon there will be nothing but amazon n robots with none to buy the items because a completely robot run Amazon swallowed up every other business. Thus the snake eats itself.

  • tj4234
    tj4234Dag siden

    I'm curious to know what happens at that Cincinnati facility if a delayed flight causes the facility to be unable to not process all their parcels between that 8-4 or 4-8 window.

  • chrism3784
    chrism3784Dag siden

    Im in urban south florida, amazon is everywhere and they have some fulfilment center not to far from me, once in a while I see a convoy of trucks. I have an account but I rarely ever use them, I much prefer ebay when you actually support real people and not some over rich asshole jeff bezos. Only use amazon if I'm looking for something nobody has, but by far anything I need is on ebay, even cheaper then amazon because amazon charges its sellers ridiculous fees, worse then ebay.

  • Demon Cloud
    Demon CloudDag siden

    In the end, USPS is just Amazon's bitch ?

  • InABushByATree
    InABushByATreeDag siden

    Y’all got the brains for drones use them

  • Adrian Neira Romero
    Adrian Neira RomeroDag siden

    Well, it works exactly the same to most other big retailers selling online their own stock. Mango and Inditex Group both have the same logistics. They have distribution centres located strategically around the world, assorted with the stock it’s expected to need the area the serve for the short run. And same with the whole process, with the difference they don’t need to manage big items.

  • ace iimov
    ace iimovDag siden

    doesn't amazon also have local fulfillment centers and even flex for same day delivery.

  • Dylan Roth
    Dylan RothDag siden

    11:13 something seems wrong.

  • Shah Bhuiyan
    Shah BhuiyanDag siden

    Logistics are really cool because airplanes aside, there's a lot of careers around optimizing how efficient logistics are. It's called operations management, I took course in it in college a year ago. I reccomend you guys to learn operations management if you are interested.

  • cmphighpower
    cmphighpowerDag siden

    Amazon sucks

  • Angela Morley
    Angela MorleyDag siden

    Loving the Colorado focus here. I find in my own online sales that living and working in Denver lets me ship my packages faster to different parts of the country than I could in other places I've lived.

  • NathanF
    NathanFDag siden

    Your video just read my mind lol... I just ordered a package from Amazon at 4:39 pm, it will be delivered by 5-10pm.. it’s insane how efficient amazon logistics is, and I feel like we tend to take shipping times for granted

  • wowo101 gaming
    wowo101 gamingDag siden

    I worked at amazon in 2009 and 2010 and this is correct from when I worked there

  • ace iimov
    ace iimovDag siden

    how does it work for the rest of the world, like uk and europe.

  • Ryan T.A
    Ryan T.ADag siden

    I can't believe I watched the *WHOLE* thing! Man, you are enticing a fellow to listen to with all that _intel_ you have been sharing. Thank you for your efforts.

  • Ben soso
    Ben sosoDag siden

    So complicated I get a Chinese knock off and I have it arriving at 10:00 p.m. when I can get UPS FedEx or the post office to have it delivered by 5:00 p.m. the latest

  • Certain Contigency
    Certain ContigencyDag siden

    However it works it sprouts from Jeff Bezos' love

  • Emmett Cashman
    Emmett CashmanDag siden

    Conclusion: The USPS is fucking awesome

  • Baron Von Jo

    Baron Von Jo

    23 timer siden

    Not really ordered a hood visor for my car and I'm still waiting and its past delivery. It says it being handled by them.

  • Alex Gonzales
    Alex GonzalesDag siden

    Nice ABQ cameo at 14:15. Fun fact, Albuquerque is Jeff Bezos’s hometown.

  • Elliott Smith
    Elliott SmithDag siden

    I sell on Amazon, we can actually self-deliver local orders too.

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua ThomasDag siden

    Toyota Corolla

  • TheFeldhamster
    TheFeldhamsterDag siden

    It took me a sec to realize that when you said "live sig" you meant Leipzig.

  • LurkerDood
    LurkerDood2 dager siden

    I'm digging Amazon's own shipping service Their tracking tells you exactly where their truck is! Very cool! You'll know they'll be right there when the tracking shows the truck just a few blocks away! 😆 🤣

  • Joseph Carreon
    Joseph Carreon2 dager siden

    People are lazy to buy a mom and pops stores near corner

  • arthur Benedetti
    arthur Benedetti2 dager siden

    how can they control the whole speech in the internet when they should be only a delivery company is what i wonder

  • DelmarRey
    DelmarRey2 dager siden

    Don’t use Amazon any more!

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo2 dager siden

    This channel has the smoothest transition into or out of sponsors that I don’t even mind watching them

  • Life Is My Opportunity - Channel
    Life Is My Opportunity - Channel2 dager siden

    I lost my job during the pandemic. I created the created this channel believing for myself and the world. 🌍

  • Johan Berg
    Johan Berg2 dager siden

    Don't forget exploitation of workers

  • Troy Windhorst
    Troy Windhorst2 dager siden

    Good video. Interesting and fascinating!

  • cnmmd qiuoo

    cnmmd qiuoo

    2 dager siden

    After all that.. I would like to refund please ☺️

  • Alan Robertson
    Alan Robertson2 dager siden

    Another fascinating video - would love a version for the UK 👍 Very different setup here given the smaller scale - overnight with Prime, 7 day delivery and almost all by Amazon themselves (through gig economy workers)